Cooking is the Best Date Night Idea Ever!

It’s Friday afternoon and Alicia and I are tired. A week that seemed a month-long in San Francisco’s constant overworked burn culture tries its best to shake our spirit but to little avail. Sure, it’s easy and convenient to go out, eat, and have a couple of cocktails while people watching SF’s finest in the Bay Area’s version of the bridge and tunnel crowd. 

Did we do that? No! 

Sure it’s easy to order takeout at your local, over-dined, and friendly neighborhood restaurant and binge watch Netflix. 

Did we do that? No!

We opted to work some more, but of a different kind. I call my lady love, also known as Xena Warrior Princess by yours truly, and told her to grab a few ingredients from the poor man’s Whole Foods. The selection at Trader Joe's is always top-notch, and many take notice, especially in San Francisco where the hoards of people gather like a Grateful Dead show in the ’60s; when psychedelics were legal, except this time the acid is micro and there's more organic and gluten-free options. 

So we got our ingredients, a bottle of 2 buck chuck, and started to head home by way of the 38R. The bus is redolent with the smell of whiskey, rain, and dankness of Mary that permeates through every pore - more so today since it's legal, but it was welcomed because our gleaming dispositions couldn’t wait to cook. 

We got back to the apartment like two teenagers eager to play Minecraft, but opted for the kitchen instead, where we seasoned our produce and began frying, baking and grilling up a storm. What we cooked isn’t as nearly as important as why we cook. 

For us, cooking is foremost about expression, and with the food, we are able to show our love in action. It takes time, creativity, short bursts of sacrifice and a little magic to create culinary artistry. We trade our most valuable commodity, “time,” in order to make something for each other. 

Cooking is also a challenge. Let me explain. There are few things in life where you can take on a project and within an hour or less, you access your final product to see if you accomplished what you hoped or not. With cooking, it’s simple. Did your food taste good or bad? The proof is in the pudding. 

So with this I say, cook more, cook with others, open a bottle of wine, light some candles, play some music, and let the kitchen be your playground as you bring soul, passion, and love for delicious dishes that embed themselves in the memories of those we hold most dear.


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