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Swamy's Kitchen Spices

When Alicia and I started out on the venture to share spices with the world, we knew we wanted to source the best ingredients to make our hand-crafted blends. 

Quality always shows up. Whether it’s in the person, or in the food. Our mission is to deliver you, our precious customer, the highest quality spices money can buy. 

Why Trust Our Spices? 

Non-Irradiated —Most people don’t know that the majority of store bought spices (unless clearly marked non-irradiated) have gone through an extensive process of ionized radiation in order to increase shelf life and kill bacteria. This may sound good in hindsight, but not all bacteria are harmful. Bacteria let's us know when foods go bad (via smell). Irradiation can make old and rotten food have the appearance of being fresh and new. Yuck!

Also, during the irradiation process, valuable nutrients are destroyed. According to the Center for Food and Safety in the United States, irradiated foods can lose up to 95% of their vitamin content. Spices carry many health benefits and it’s paramount for Swamy’s Kitchen to ensure you get them! 

Organic — Our spices are not loaded with chemicals. With conventional farming practices, you are susceptible to the long-term effects that go with ingesting these chemicals. Due to this process, most store bought spices contain very little, if any, of the medicinal benefits that you would get with organic ingredients. By supporting us, you are supporting local farmers that get paid a living wage, and you, the valued consumer get quality product. We also pack our spices in eco-friendly bags that preserve the freshness of our spices. 

Health Benefits  Spices contain many health benefits. Some of these include a reduction in cholesterol, protecting the body against cancer, improving cognitive function, and healing gastrointestinal diseases. If you want a comprehensive breakdown of the history and nutritional benefits of spices, download our free e-book

Taste —Freshly ground spices have an enhanced flavor profile. What’s better, a cup of coffee made from freshly ground beans or instant? Our spice blends go through a process of being toasted at an optimal temperature to preserve nutritional integrity and are ground to the perfect consistency so your dishes carry the fragrance of freshness and a flavor bomb of deliciousness.

You Know Us — We aren’t some big label brand that pumps spices out of huge vats. We are just two people passionate about good food, health, and have confidence that when you buy spices from us, you are buying something that is hand-crafted and tailored just for you. 

With Love,

The Swamy's 



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